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Popular choice of cheap gaming mouse, hopefully it lasts 3 years

The development of the game world in Indonesia that I have experienced myself since 2007 with the presence of the FPS Point Blank game, which adds to the glittering bustle of internet cafes in the village. Not only Point Blank, previous games have also been legendary such as Counter Strike, and other FPS games.

The roar of small children enlivened the cafe at that time, and of course brought a decent turnover for the cafe owner. But some internet cafe owners actually complain, because the game mouse is often damaged. Yes, none other than the behavior of these children when playing online games, of course they feel annoyed when they lose and of course the mouse and keyboard are the targets.

Popular choice of cheap gaming mouse, hopefully it lasts 3 years
Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay

So this afternoon, I will recommend an inexpensive gaming mouse for internet cafe owners so they don't buy a mouse too often. Let's read carefully.

1. Logitech G102 Lightsync

Priced at USD27 Logitech offers entry-level quality Game Mouse to make you more comfortable playing games. RGB Color Wave adds to the impression of professional gaming with 16.8 million colors that you can program yourself and adjust according to your mood.

G102 Lightsync has a sensitivity sensor that can be adjusted between 200 - 8000 DPI which can easily be synced with Logitech G HUB software.

The design with six buttons makes it easy for you to play your favorite game so that you will easily beat your online enemies. Don't worry, these buttons will break quickly, according to the title I chose a game mouse for a lifetime of 3 years. G102 Lightsyncy buttons are created using exclusive metal springs so they last for the next 3 years you play games.

So for those of you who have an internet cafe, it's better to just try two units so that customers feel more comfortable and also durable. I am sure it will pay off if your cafe is busy. Isn't that right, sir?

2. Dragonwar Thor G9

The second game mouse is Dragonwar Thor G9. Looking very handsome and professional, Thor G9 already offers 3200 DPI sensitivity where this sensor is supported by Blletrack Sensor which is experienced in making mouse sensors.

With a price of USD21 there is even a mousepad bonus, you can play games that have been prepared for the tournament next week, right?

Not inferior to Logitech, Thor G9 offers mouse sensor sensitivity settings for those of you who don't want the wrong target in playing games. This mouse deserves to be side by side with a novice gamer but it will seem more professional by using this mouse.

Again for the cafe owner, the Dragonwar Thor G9 mouse at the Shopee market place is priced quite friendly in the pocket. At least you can return the capital within 2 months. The hope is like that, sir. Hehehe…

3. Corsair Harpoon RGB

I don't know yet, why are things that smelled of gamer activity always paired with RGB lights? Yes, it does look interesting, like Leptop, it also produces RGB backlight colors. 

This time, the Corsair Harpoon RGB product presents a sensor with a sensitivity of 6000 DPI with an Optical sensor type PMW3327 sensor.

The slightest weakness that I see is the scroll section, it looks very outdated even though RGB lightning has been installed. But if the cafe owners want to try it, it's not expensive, it's only around USD23 , you can play games installed on the cafe computers.


In your marketing strategy, you have to offer a few luxurious products but look for very cheap prices. In my opinion, the three game mouse products above represent luxury and low prices.

This allure will increase your internet cafe income turnover, which of course will make your family prosperous. So experiment with items that look luxurious but still offer low prices.

Personally, I chose the number 1 inexpensive gaming mouse, because the Logitech brand has been around since I was in college.

Thank you for reading, hopefully you will find what you have been looking for so far to increase your internet cafe income turnover. But remember sir, besides a mouse you also need Headphones, right, NYK X800 Headphones Gaming is my choice, sir.

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