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Best Gaming Laptop or PC of My Choice

Best Gaming Laptop or PC of My Choice
Image by amrothman from Pixabay

Before finally I decided to replace my old ACER leptop with the Lenovo i5-1034G1, I often felt overheating problems when editing videos or playing games. Therefore, I often look for references to the Best Lightweight PC Games by reviewers on Youtube.

Lets continue bro, let me give you some games that I have played and feel that it is not burdensome for my PC or Leptop. The games I play are quite popular among gamers, I only try them in my spare time.

1. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

The game that I often play on holidays is usually Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, which is said to be very light when played on PC or Leptop. Maybe a few tips so as not to make your PC load heavier, so it's better to find the install source that we will play later without having to install the game.

I made Call Of Duty the best lightweight PC game, one of which is its lag-free performance with high graphic settings plus the images produced by COD really seem real and very precise. For example, when we have a mission where we use a parachute there, it seems as if our surroundings are dissolving due to the fast speed from above to down.

I'm sure bro, to play this game you don't need hot to cold coffee just to enter the game menu, bro. LOL...

2. Max Payne 3

Games are a bridge on the way to completing a mission, yes, almost most games are like this, right? It still has the theme of FPS games, ok, because I really like games like this.

What's cool about Max Payne 3 is a bullet time feature where we can feel the slow-motion of enemy bullets and vice versa, players can make slow-motion bullets that are fired from our weapons.

What you need to prepare is a large enough hard drive because Max Payne 3 is a game with a fairly large install result, which is about 28 GB, but you don't have to worry because I put this game into the best light PC game category so of course this game can be played with smoth on your PC ok?

3. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

I have played a Castile genre game like this which is even more ancient, namely Age of Empire. But what Torn Banner produced Chivalry was really adorable. This game looks epic with an 800 year setting, maybe the luxurious Castil is designed in great detail.

This multi-player game is considered the best lightweight PC game, and according to the information Chivalry 2 will be coming this year which will certainly bring a very impressive graphic design. But I'm not sure whether this game can still be played on a PC with medium specifications or if it has to be high, bro.

4. CodinGame

Furthermore, if you are a programmer, you must try CodinGame because besides playing CodinGame it is a game while learning the programming codes Bash, C, C +, Clojure, D, Dart, F #, Go, Java, Objective-C, Swift or codes to make the game perhaps more precisely.

Because my basic is not a programmer, I am a little dizzy seeing this game. Basic programming is a Logic language like if and else, but accompanied by other codes, for example to shoot the enemy with the command dist_1 <dist_2: print (enemy_1) I concluded that the dist code is the possibility of destroying the command. So if you are really good at programming languages, please play this game. Remember your browser has to be updated, right? When I tried it using Google Chrome, ok?

Maybe that's the 4 games that I have crowned as the best light PC game for my own version and the last game is a game while learning programming language which can certainly improve the programming language knowledge you have today. Please feel free for friends to try it yourself on leptop or PC with medium specifications, hopefully you can run the game smothly. Thank You

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